Sunday, June 12, 2016

First Blog Post

Hello world!




I'm Em Alejandrino. A 20-something mommy to 2 darling girls (6 and 9). I am a working mom (outside the home) in Quezon City, Philippines. I'm also the woman behind A Day in the Life of Em blog. That is my online diary. To know a little bit about me... please check this.

What you can find in Madiskarteng Mommy
I decided to create a separate blog where I can focus on sharing my "diskarte" in life. Let's define "diskarte". What is "diskarte" in English? Strategy. Approach. Plan. Tactic. Technique. Method. Manner. Way. Style. Procedure. And so on.
Why not fashion blog, travel blog or food blog? Hello... limited funds. Haha. And my priority nowadays is to focus on how I can make both ends meet. We will prove that less income doesn't have to mean less lifestyle. 
It is not easy to raise children and we all need the support of other mommies who have figured out tips, tricks and short-cuts to make our lives easier. That includes everything from parenting advice, simple recipes, cheap finds, easy crafts and what I scored in ukay-ukay. I have a "love of the hunt" attitude. Like so many other things in life, hunting for bargains can be drudgery -- or, a full-blown hoot! For me, it's great fun!
Keep in mind, I am not an expert but I am a parent stumbling through this crazy maze of parenthood just like many of you. I am constantly learning from all the great women around me about how to be a better mom.
Why do I blog?
Gone are the days when a blog was more like an online diary. But, I'll keep it that way. Just like my other blog - A Day in the Life of Em, this will also be my little corner in the cyberspace. My blog posts here will be short but personal and practical. I don't expect to be popular (that's not my goal) but I hope some people will stumble upon here and find this useful, entertaining or informative. I also wish that I'll gain friends and acquaintances through this blog.
My Mission Statement
Madiskarteng Mommy exists to encourage moms (other women) who also want to live simply, frugally and practically. I want this blog to be a source of inspiration and information. I’m excited to see where this space goes with this mission statement in place.
After reading this, come hang out with me on social media! I’m the most active on Instagram, so if you want regular peeks into my daily life, that’s the place to find me.
But, I'm also on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest.
You can also email me at I would love to hear what your struggles are as a mom and how Madiskarteng Mommy can help you. So hopefully, you'll come back and visit me once in a while. Thanks for stopping by! And don’t be a stranger…I’d love for YOU to become part of the community here.